SGD Docs

Documents, tutorials, and tips designed to help members of Student Game Developers at UVa and any other game developers! Topics will be added as the club learns about new tools and technologies.


UVA Specific Material


If you arrived via the GitHub Pages interface, the repo is hosted on GitHub. You may contribute by submitting changes in the form of Markdown documents, and these changes will reflect on GitHub Pages automatically.

Before starting any new work, please review the following rules:

  1. Do not push updates to the gh-pages branch; it will be updated automatically on changes to master.
  2. Asset files like CSS and images should be uploaded to master; from there they will be copied to gh-pages automatically.
  3. If the Markdown doc links to internal images, add the image files to the repo. Images should be .png or .jpg.
  4. If the Markdown doc links to internal text files, use the .md extension in the Markdown hyperlink; build scripts will convert that link to .html for the generated HTML files automatically. (NOTE: this makes linking external .md files tricky, as the script will attempt to convert those. If you need to do this, add an auxiliary character like # at the end of the link, a la .md#)
  5. If the Markdown doc involves code snippets:
  6. Include a Back link that steps up the document tree hierarchy at the end of each document.

If you would like to preview the HTML files locally before pushing the Markdown documents, run Scripts/ from a shell whose current directory is the repo root directory. Some tips:

Your support on this project is much appreciated! Feel free to reach out to the Head of Directors or Vice President (noted above) if you have any questions or concerns.

Markdown Conversion Build

Content is written in Markdown, as it is easy to write and renders well on GitHub; it is converted to HTML so it can be consumed on GitHub Pages as well. The conversion is handled by Pandoc with the help of scripts adapted from a UVa CS course. These scripts are run automatically through Travis CI whenever changes are made to the master branch.


The material in this repo is released under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0. Creative Commons