Booking Space


Booking through The Source

So the first thing you've got to know about The Source is that it's terrible. So stick with it!

  1. Follow this link
  2. Click the blue Take me to The SOURCE button
  3. Wait, possibly forever
  4. Click Sign In in the top left corner (this will auth. with Netbadge)
  5. Wait again
  6. Okay, now the real fun begins...

The Source has two main ways to help you; either you:

And it might be possible that you know both of these things! That's great! Just follow either path. Then again, it might be possible you know neither! Yikes! In that case, I would start with I Know My Location

I Know My Location

  1. Click the "Locations" tab
  2. Search your location by Keyword (I suggest the name or pneumonic of the building: Thornton or THN)
  3. Feel free to explore the options in the search by clicking "More Search Options" next to the search bar
  4. Scroll down the list
  5. To see it's availability, click on the name of the location you're interested in
  6. Feel free to click "Details" underneath the name of the room (that is now a header) to see a picture of the room, but return to "Availability (Daily)" when you're done
  7. Once you're good to go, proceed to Create My Event below (in this wiki).

I Know My Time

  1. Click "I know WHEN my event should take place -- help me find a location!"
  2. Fill out the information
  3. Yes, you must specify a maximum capacity and a general location (I know, I know, you clicked help me find a location)
  4. Click Show me what's available!
  5. If it says there are No Matching Locations, click "Do you want to check Matching Locations with a Larger Max Capacity?" until you find what you're looking for or are satisfied it won't work
  6. If at first you don't succeed, keep looking!
  7. Once you're good to go, proceed to Create My Event below (in this wiki).

Create My Event

  1. Great, you're almost there. Now click the "Event Wizard" tab in the top left
  2. Give it an Event Name, Event Type (this is usually Meeting), and Primary Organization for this Event (this is Student Game Developers)
  3. Give an expected headcount (make sure this is <= the count for the room; feel free to click Locations and check this) and short Event Description
  4. Provide the occurrence (for your firs time, I would recommend clicking No, but once you get the hang of it multi-dates aren't hard)
  5. Give the Event Start and End dates and times (I recommend saying no to both the questions here and just including that time if your Event Start and End times)
  6. Search for your location (again, I would search by building name)
  7. Find your location and click it
  8. Provide your phone number
  9. Read the Affirmation and click the "I agree" button
  10. Finally, click Save. After this, you're done.

You should get an email in a few days confirming it, and if you don't, you can email the administrator at

If that doesn't work, you can email Cathy Dean at or, preferably, go see her in her office in Thornton. Ask someone over there, it's always changing and is never easy to find...

Booking in Rice

Booking through Newcomb Event Planning Services

As an SGD Member

So you have to be labeled as an Event Coordinator for SGD on our @UVA page and we only get to have two of these, so you're going to have to talk to an officer.

As an SGD Officer

Make sure you're an Event Coordinator on our @UVA page. Then, just go by the 4th Floor of Newcomb hall. Follow the signs and talk to Tessa (she's in charge and she knows us).

Booking at a Library